Image credit: NASA

Linda Neergaard Parker, PhD

Linda Parker has significant experience in managing and leading multi-discipline departments and programs.  She currently serves as the Deputy for Spacecraft Charging and Space Weather to the NASA Space Environments Technical Fellow where her primary responsibilities include conducting and performing assessments for the NASA Engineering Safety Council (NESC) that are related to space environments. Linda has extensive experience in modeling and satellite data analysis as they pertain to space weather and space environments effects on satellites. Her technical responsibilities have included defining the space plasma environment for NASA missions, providing insight and expertise to the programs for the environment definition and analysis, conducting spacecraft charging analyses, and analyzing data from research satellites for use in characterizing potential threat environments for NASA systems.

At Space Weather Solutions, we specialize in spacecraft charging analysis, satellite particle data analysis, and model development.  We can help you define the space environment you will be flying, determine the effects caused by the space environment, and help you assess the risk to your spacecraft.  Our passion is helping you understand the space environment.

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